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For customers, to be a reliable supplier of specialized technology and products, who prioritizes the customer’s profit
For partners (mostly manufacturers), to be a reliable distributor to motivate and encourage them.
To fully realize this vision, we are executing a strategy with core components:
連結 Specialization in Sourcing:
Drawing upon various experiences, we provide customers with technology and products in keeping with their needs. We serve them with the consistency and reliability they demand from a true global partner.
相生 Commercial Excellence:
To earn our standing as your trusted partner, we strive to know more about customers and manufacturers. Understanding what they value and giving priority to their profit, we help our customers compete more effectively and grow their business and the manufactures focus on production. When they gain, we win.
豊饒 Pursuit of Advancement:
By actively seeking out cooperation and partnership with forward-thinking and creative mind, we help customers and manufacturers accelerate the advancement towards better products which will be profitable for all of us. We definitely believe that their richness will lead to our richness consequently.